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With such a great demand for the TerraTrak system from all areas of the market, TerraTech is pleased to announce that an additional container load of the system has arrived in the UAE.

A large number of TerraTech clients specify the TerraTrak system for their projects as they recognise the benefits this heavy duty system delivers. For this reason we constantly evaluate stock levels to ensure that we have sufficient panels available for our clients.

This additional quantity of TerraTrak panels has already entered into our hire stock, ensuring that we have the capability to handle all requirements directly from our Dubai head office.


The first delivery of the new TuffTrak system has arrived in Dubai. This new system promises to lead the market for super heavy-duty access systems, capable of supporting more than 150 tons per panel. The system has been very successful in the United States and Europe with many customers changing from other solutions to the TuffTrak system. The benefits are numerous when compared with other heavy-duty access products.

For instance, TuffTrak follows the same the principle as TerraTrak, which means the system can be installed on uneven ground easily, while its competitors require the ground to be levelled before installation can be achieved! This additional ground preparation is not required by TuffTrak and means we can install as soon as we arrive on site. Cutting down on delivery times and meeting your requirements quickly and more efficiently, not to mention reducing costs!


If you have visited our website before, then you may have noticed a number of changes have taken place. We have adopted a new logo and refreshed and updated the website, ready for the new 2011 season.

With the constant development and growth of TerraTech, the website was becoming dated very quickly. With this in mind we have spent the summer months updating the information and making it a more comprehensive tool for both new and established clients.

Our news section will be updated regularly to keep you aware of what we are up to, and what new products and services we are offering.